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We'll assist you in gathering your medical records to send to the clinic.

Once you've chosen your path, you need to provide your medical documents. The coordinator from Dentalsway Call will help you gather all the needed information and send it to the clinic you've selected.

We'll send you a rough price list for the medical services.

Once you send in your documents, the clinic will give you an estimated cost for the diagnosis or treatment. The specialist from Dentalsway will share this with you, and then you can decide whether to accept or decline the offered services.

We'll assist in planning your medical journey and stay connected with you 24/7.

If you're on board, the coordinator will handle practical matters like booking tickets, hotel rooms, and helping with visa issues. Plus, they'll be there with you throughout your entire medical trip.

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Dentals Way aims to provide quality and affordable dental treatment to patients worldwide


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Our Heritage

Dentals Way is an international dental tourism platform that was founded in 2010. The company’s core value is to provide quality dental care to people worldwide,Dentals Way collaborates with some of the best dental clinics and works hard every day to make people healthier and happier. So far, over 100,000 patients have used our platform. In addition to its primary activities,the company’s main office is located in the USA, we’re online 24/7 wherever you are.

Dentals Way aims to provide quality and affordable dental work to patients worldwide. The company offers a wide range of carefully screened hospitals and clinics to choose from.

Why Dentalsway

Personal Service

As we assess our patients’ needs and plan their treatment, our focus is always on achieving happier and healthier outcomes by considering various factors.

Health First, Human First

At our hospital, we emphasize a human-centered approach, striving for excellence through top-quality services while upholding the ethical standards of physicians

Modern Approach

The most effective way to diagnose and treat oral and dental diseases is by utilizing all the advancements in modern dentistry

Innovative Technology

We use cutting-edge equipment in all our operations, ensuring it is maintained to the highest standards

Specialist Physicians

With over ten years of experience in dental and implant treatments, we excel in all aspects of dentistry.

Local And Global Happiness

We aim to set the essential standards, making our country a top choice for oral and dental health. We hope the happiness we enjoy becomes universal.

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We work with internationally accredited hospitals and clinics


(Joint Commission International)


(International Organization for Standardization)


(National Committee for Quality Assurance)


(Medical Tourism Association)


(Technical Control Unit)


(Excellence in Medical Tourism)


(Association of Turkish Travel Agencies)


Republic of Turkiye Ministry of Health)

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