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Frequently Asked Questions

what is best price guarantee?

No price can be the best price if it doesn’t give value for your money. At Dentals Way , our representatives leave no stone unturned to find and curate a list of the best dental clinics for you.
Dentals Way follows a seamless process as follows:
Verifying the dentists’ credentials & accreditations.
Verifying the clinics’ credentials after researching & shortlisting them basis
Patients’ experiences
Google reviews
Their online presence
Cross-checking all the clinics & talking to the dentists to ensure:
They can communicate in English
Clinic’s experience with international patients
The materials used pertain to world-renowned brands
Ensuring that the clinic has insurance against malpractices.
Ensuring that the clinic offers competitive prices.
And this is how Dentals Way has the ‘best price guaranteed.’ Because it is not just the most competitive price but the price that offers the maximum value for your hard-earned money!

It depends. Your safety depends on several factors, but most importantly, on the research you do on the quality of treatment, dentists, brands used, etc.
We at Dentals Way do this research for you to ensure you have a hassle-free experience. Check out what we have in store for you:
All our clinics are reputed and established centers for international dental tourists.
They are located in well-populated and civilized neighborhoods that strictly follow sterilization & security protocols.
You must also note that Dentals Way has a strict quality check parameter.
Moreover, we value the feedback submitted by patients. All these benchmarks enable us to recommend the safest dental clinics for you.
We have partnered with the best dental clinics across the globe, including:
Sani Dental Group (Los Algodones, Playa Del Carmen & Cancun)
Dental Brush (Tijuana)
New Smile Dental (Costa Rica)
Oralimagen (Colombia)
Dental Centar Repić (Trogir)
BIDC (Bangkok)
And many more…
Given all these factors, you can rest assured of your safety.
Besides, if you do thorough research and stay vigilant during your stay, you’ll not encounter any problems getting a dental procedure done abroad.

Most of our clinics will recommend great hotels in their vicinity.
Further, some of them also give you discounted stays, complimentary stays on dental work, free pick-and-drop, and discount coupons for an elevated experience.
Besides, you also have many other accommodation options such as resorts and Airbnbs. With Dentals Way , you will have a stress-free dental procedure and a hassle-free stay!

We recommend carrying the following documents while traveling to another country for your dental treatment:
Photo ID
Other travel-related documents as required by the respective countries
You do not require Visas for visa-free countries. However, you must pay close attention to their entry and exit requirements.
Find out the specific travel requirements of each country – Mexico, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Croatia, and Thailand.
On another note, we recommend you share the x-rays, CT scans, your local dentist’s reports, etc., with us as soon as you can so that we can offer you a realistic quote during the initial call itself.

Our partner clinics accept multiple payment methods.
You can pay as per your convenience using cash, credit card, debit card, wire transfer, PayPal, and banker’s cheque.
Some of our clinics also provide financing options.
Our providers in Puerto Rico also accept Care Credit.

There are multiple ways to fix an appointment with us. You can call us or fill out the request form to set an appointment.
A dedicated case manager will be assigned to you for support throughout your dental tourism journey.

Yes, our dentists speak English, and they also have translators onboard for efficient communication.

Our dentists are certified by their respective national dental organizations.
Further, some of them have also completed their education at top international institutions like Harvard, Cambridge, and New York University.
To top it all, many dentists working at our partner clinics are accreditated by global dental associations like the American Dental Association (ADA), International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI), and the International Team for Implantology (ITI), American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID), etc.
We also perform background checks to verify these credentials.

It depends on you if you want to have a friend or family member to accompany you.
Most dental treatments are day procedures, so you can travel solo for them. However, if you want to gain a vacation out of your dental trip, you should have someone accompany you.
Having a close friend or family member makes the trip fun and memorable, not to forget healing!
Further, if you are advised treatment under general anesthesia, it’s would be a good idea to have someone accompany you.

At Dentalsway, you get the benefit of a pre-scheduled appointment. While western countries may make you wait for 6-8 months. You will, in most cases, instantly get an appointment date by choosing us.
The date of your procedure is fixed at the earliest so that you don’t have to wait in agony!

Our dental clinics abroad follow international standards of sterilization. The dentists and staff wear gloves and masks before approaching a patient.

Antibacterial solutions are used to disinfect surfaces, and Steam Autoclave sterilization is used for dental equipment. Some clinics also use dryclave for sterilization.

We ensure that the sterilization methods and equipment are of international standards for maximum patient safety.


No, our services are free of cost for patients.

Yes, you will be able to speak to the dentist directly in the initial virtual consultation. They will address all your concerns in detail.
In the meantime, you can ask your case manager any questions related to logistics that you may have.

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