Review Policy

We think reviews should be real, unique, helpful, and meaningful to others. Reviews shouldn’t be mean, rude, or intentionally hurtful.

More than 1 million people visit our site each month to discover and compare clinics. The reviews people share are super important for those trying to pick a clinic.

How does it work?

  1. Share your thoughts by writing a review, and if you can, include pictures – they’re the most liked!
  2. Check your review by answering a call and email. It will then be reviewed, a process taking three to five working days. Your review won’t affect the clinic rating until it’s verified.
  3. All reviews are checked. Your review will be considered for posting only if it follows the guidelines.

These are the instructions for our reviews:

If your review doesn’t follow our guidelines, we won’t publish it. also has the right to remove any review at any time for any reason without notifying you.


  • How do we make sure reviews are real? We reach out to each new reviewer through phone and email, using two methods to check their identity. We call everyone to confirm they indeed left a review, and we also email them, asking for confirmation.
  • Once we’ve verified their email and/or phone number, we label the review as ‘verified.’ Only these verified reviews contribute to the overall clinic ratings.
  • To ensure fairness, we randomly check reviews to ensure they’re not from clinic staff or employees of other clinics.
  • Only genuine patients who have contacted a clinic through our site can leave a review. If there’s no record of you being a real patient, your review may be deleted.
  • You can’t write a review for someone else, but if there are special circumstances, you can email our reviews team for assistance.


  • We love recycling, but not when it comes to reviews at Dentalsway! If your review is already published somewhere else, we don’t want it here.


  • Many people want to know some key things when reading reviews. What kind of treatment did you get at that clinic? Why did you choose to get this treatment? Other important details include the cost – how much did you pay for the treatment, and do you think it was worth it overall?

Review & Feedback Guidelines


  1. We can’t say how accurate a clinic’s treatment and diagnosis are. Checking that would need a lot of medical studies.
  2. Reviews can’t be harmful under Irish Law, no matter where the clinic is. Dentalsway is an online medical directory in Ireland.
  3. If you think a clinic did something illegal or was medically careless, report it to the right authorities. We can’t control the clinics on Dentalsway.
  4. If there’s a legal fight between you and the clinic, we won’t publish the review. It could mess with the legal stuff.
  5. Your review should be about a treatment you got at that clinic.
  6. We can’t use gossip in a review. Gossip is info that can’t be proven, like what someone else said.
  7. You need to be 18 or older to leave a review.
  8. You must have been a patient at that clinic and had the treatment you’re reviewing.
  9. A legal guardian can leave a review for a patient, but no private info about the patient can be in the review.
  10. You’re sharing a review, so make sure it’s true and not tricky. Saying wrong things can cause legal trouble, whether the review is good or bad.
  11. You’re reviewing your treatment at the clinic, not any person at the clinic. No personal attacks or blame in your review.


  1. Your review shouldn’t have any personal contact details.
  2. When writing your review, avoid mentioning individual staff members by their names; instead, focus on the overall business, Dentalsway

False Reviews

  1. Your review shouldn’t have any personal contact details.
  2. When writing your review, avoid mentioning individual staff members
  3. At Dentalsway, we don’t allow fake reviews.
  4. Clinic owners or their associates can’t write or ask others to write reviews.
  5. Any untrue reviews will be removed, and the clinic might be taken off Dentalsway’s listings.
  6. We use advanced tools like IP tracking and geo-coding, both automated and manual, to identify and remove fake reviews.
  7. by their names; instead, focus on the overall business, Dentalsway

When you share a review, Dentalsway will only show your first name and city. Your personal details (full name, email, phone number, and country) are kept safe and private, never shown publicly. Dentalsway may contact you via call, email, or text for verification or to gather more information, ensuring the review’s quality and authenticity.


At Dentalsway, we reach out to reviewers through calls and emails to make sure they’re real. Sometimes, we might ask for more details over the phone or through email. Reviews that follow our guidelines will be posted, even if they haven’t been confirmed. However, the score from an unverified review won’t be counted in the clinic ratings or awards criteria.